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Medical Microdermabrasion

Your skin is made up of two main layers, the epidermis and the dermis. The epidermis is the layer closest to the outside world. It's a set of dead skin cells on top of another layer of fresh new cells that are in the process of maturing. The epidermis causes your skin to look dull and the dead skin can contribute to clogged pores. During a Medical Microderm the epidermis dead cells are gently removed using abrasion and  suction  allowing the  new fresh skin underneath to surface.  This thorough exfoliation of dead skin  is an important step in maintaining healthy clear skin, and crucial in acne control. The fresh new skin is then treated with ultrasonic waves to assist in the  absorption  of  applied  vitamins  and moisture to the open pores.   This is a no downtime procedure that will greatly help you in maintaining a balance of clear and pure skin. 

This procedure is great for young acne prone skin as an aid in deep cleansing of the pores and also great for older or dry skin to restore that youthful glow.

This treatment can be followed by a deep moisture treatment for dry skin , or a checmical peel for oily acne prone skin. We offer a wide variety of type and strength of peels depending on you skin.

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